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We offer hosted, installed and custom built SaaS apps.

  • Digital Marketing & Search


    Helping you get your message out there is more and more important every day. We can help you reach those customers where they are - online, on Facebook, on mobile. We can also help you re-target your messages to people who have visited your website but need that "little reminder" to get them back.

    Hosted SaaS Apps


    We build SaaS apps in the cloud. Some of our products include software that helps businesses provide estimates to customers, a location-based marketing platform and a multi-pinpoint mapping app. These hosted solutions are for businesses that don't need customization and require a lower monthly fee.

    Custom Development


    Have an idea that you need to come to fruition? Our team of developers can help built custom elements for your website, social media apps and even stand-alone SaaS applications. If you can dream it, we can build it. From small web-based apps to apps that need national scale, our team can help you from start to finish.

Digital Marketing

Getting your message out through advertising in the digital space.

Digital Marketing is sometimes referred to as Paid Search Marketing. It's the process of gaining traffic by purchasing ads on search engines. You may have heard about it when people alk about CPC (cost-per-click) or PPC (pay-per-click) marketing, because that is how a majority of paid search ads are sold. Beyond the typical paid search, you can also do re-targeting or re-marketing. This is what happens when you visit a website and leave - and have an ad from that website follow you around on different websites.

Blue Mark Digital has experience getting your business known through paid-search. We can help you get the lowest CPC or PPC costs when running ads because of the volume of ads we run. From digital display, keyword targeting and re-marketing services - we can help you make your mark!

  • Google Adwords Network
  • Re-Targeting/Re-Marketing
  • Re-Targeting on Facebook Exchange
  • Facebook Ads
  • Twitter Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads

Search (SEO)

Optimizing your website for search

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your website for search. Every day, millions of people are searching the web. When they're searching for a product or service that you offer - are you appearing? Optimizing your website can help you rank higher in search results. Higher you rank, the more likely it is that someone will visit your website. When's the last time you searched for something and chose the 50th result?

Appearing in organic search can help you in multiple ways... First of all, you'll receive more awareness. The more people are aware of your presence, the more top of mind you are. Another great benefit of appearing in organic search is the number of leads you receive. The higher you rank, the more website traffic you have. The more website traffic you have, the more leads you receive. Our team can help you optimize your site to maximize your exposure.

  • Overall Site Optimization
  • Server-Side file placement
  • Search Friendly Re-directs
  • Flash to HTML5 Conversion
  • Content Optimization
  • Directory Submission
  • Monthly Monitoring and Optimization

Hosted Apps

Software hosted in the cloud

We have pre-built software that is hosted in the cloud that allows your business to meet and exceed your goals for a low monthly fee. We have many different types of pre-built SaaS software and we continue to add more to our portfolio all the time.

Here are a few pieces of software that we offer:

  • Sweet GEO (a location based marketing platform)
  • Mappy App (add multiple pinpoints to a map and make it publicly available)

Custom Development

Let's make your ideas come to life!

Our team has experience working on custom projects for businesses and brands of all sizes. We specialize in web-based and social media apps. From SaaS platforms and stand-alone apps to high level integrations with existing platforms, our team can help take your idea to the next level.

If you're looking to get a project done - or to work with a team that can assist in a project, please feel free to get a hold of us. We can help you with many things, including:

  • Standalone SaaS Platforms
  • Custom Content Management Systems
  • Website Development
  • Responsive Development
  • Social Media Apps (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

About Us

We’re changing the way businesses think about spending their ad dollars.

Have you heard the story of the square watermelon? In Japan, where some grocery stores are much smaller than here in the United States, some stores decided they were not going to carry watermelons because of their size and shape. It's hard to stack a traditional watermelon. Instead of giving up, farmers decided to try growing watermelon in square containers. The result is a square watermelon that can be stacked.

What does that have to do with Blue Mark Digital? It's about innovation and determiniation. It's not that something cannot be done - it's figuring out a way to get it done... The square watermelon way.
The digital space continues to be the driving force on how businesses are reaching more people. These digital technologies are what connects people to the businesses they love. For businesses, this is the best space to be in if you want to be able to track data.

We have a passion for everything digital. Our team has more than 30 years combined experience in digital and marketing. We build and develop custom apps, and help manage and execute digital marketing plans.

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